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Cloud Storage with Retrospect
JG Heithcock

1月 20, 2012

JG Heithcock is GM at Retrospect and has eighteen years experience in the storage and backup industry.

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Backing up to cloud storage with Retrospect 9 for the Macintosh is profitable, secure and easy!

During these times of economic unrest, finding ways to grow your business while at the same time saving your increasingly budget-conscious customers' money, can be very difficult. With Retrospect 9's new cloud storage support, you have the opportunity to do both.

Cloud backup and recovery is rapidly becoming a standardized part of any data solution, and has two important advantages for your customers:

  1. Offsite backup is a critical part of any well thought-out backup plan. Retrospect's cloud storage support automates the off-site backup process—ensuring that offsite backup happens on a regular basis, and removing the need to physically carry storage media to a secondary location.
  2. Cloud backup presents cost savings benefits through reduction in the need for physical storage like tape libraries and hard drives, through the removal of need for any sort of service to move the storage media offsite, and reduction in time spent managing the process.

Retrospect 9's new cloud storage support gives you the opportunity to generate continued revenue while delivering all of the advantages of cloud backup to your customers when you offer off-site backup, recovery, and storage services. In addition, Retrospect delivers a higher level of security for critical data, with built-in AES 256 encryption to protect your customers' files as they are transferred to your designated offsite storage or restored back their computers.

Setting up off-site cloud storage with Retrospect 9 is easy and can be done with minimal investment. With a few simple selections in our friendly user interface, you can be up and running—making use of your existing storage or leasing storage space from cloud data centers on a flexible basis, increasing it as your needs grow.

Here is a snapshot on how simple off-site cloud storage is to set up using Retrospect 9 for the Mac:

Adding a WebDAV share to Retrospect 9 to enable cloud backup

  1. After you have your WebDAV server set up, go to the 'Sources' window and click 'Add'.


  2. Click the 'Share' icon in the top bar, and type in the http address of your WebDAV server and share. Add your share username and password, and click 'Add'.


  3. Once you have completed this step, the share will appear in your 'Sources' window.


  4. Add the WebDAV share as a member to your Media Set, and you are set up to back up to the cloud. To speed cloud operations by only copying a subset of data to WebDAV storage, use Retrospect’s comprehensive Rules to filter what kind of files Retrospect will copy. (See Working with Rules in the Retrospect User’s Guide.)


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