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JG Heithcock

6月 1, 2012

JG Heithcock is GM at Retrospect and has eighteen years experience in the storage and backup industry.

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Some small businesses rely on backup software that is designed for the home user, offering little in the way of configuration and flexibility. While this level of protection may be cheap (or even free), it can cost them if their business suffers from a theft or a catastrophe like a fire or flood.

Does their backup software really meet their business’s needs?

Retrospect Backup and Recovery software provides small and midsize businesses with the reliability, ease of use, power, and flexibility they need to protect critical data on their Macs and Windows PCs—all on a small business budget.

Retrospect is designed for office environments, backing up multiple platforms to multiple destinations and providing choices on media, scheduling, security, and file selection.

With Retrospect, you can...

  • Back up Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers with a Macintosh or Windows computer acting as a backup server.
  • Protect servers, business-critical applications, desktops and notebooks with a single, easy to use product.
  • Back up to and restore from tape, hard disk drives and network-attached disk.
  • Back up from or to offsite cloud storage with WebDAV capabilities (Mac).
  • Manage multiple backup servers remotely from a single screen.
  • Deduplicate data to maximize storage usage by copying only unique files—even across multiple computers—to the backup media.
  • Choose which files to back up based on a wide variety of attributes, including name, extension, path, size, and even file system.
  • Back up to multiple destinations, even designating different disks for different tasks or content.
  • Ensure the security of your data with optional password protection and the highest level of U.S. Government standard 128- or 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Manage your backup system remotely with the free Retrospect iPhone and iPad app.
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