What's New in Retrospect – Retrospect Backup 19 + Retrospect Virtual 2022 + Retrospect Cloud Storage

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JG Heithcock

11月 6, 2012

JG Heithcock is GM at Retrospect and has eighteen years experience in the storage and backup industry.

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12/21/12—the end is near! Prepare for the end of time!

Ok, maybe not (despite what the Mayan calendar says), but disaster can strike any place at any time, and if your customers fail to protect their data, a flood, fire, theft, hard drive failure, or accidentally deleted file could mean the end of their business world.

Powerful new features in the just-released versions of Retrospect for Windows and Macintosh protect your customers' critical data, keeping their business safe with increased data security, flexibility, and speed.

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New features include:

Increased performance with Instant Scan

Retrospect's new Instant Scan feature cuts backup and restore times by half on average—back up additional data or run current backups more often, strengthening the effectiveness of your data protection plan. Roll back or restore directories and entire volumes faster, which means less downtime and quite possibly all the difference in surviving or succeeding in a competitive world.

New in Retrospect for Windows and Retrospect for Mac

Flexible and faster disaster recovery with Dissimilar Hardware Restore

Keep your costs under control with the ability to restore to any Windows computer in the event of a disaster, even a physically different computer altogether—a newer system, a repurposed system, etc.

New in Retrospect for Windows

Secure, turnkey, offsite backup and restore with WebDAV cloud storage

WebDAV support backs up to offsite, Internet-connected storage. Generate recurring income for your business by offering private cloud storage that provides your customers with immediate offsite protection. Retrospect encrypts files for transfer and storage on the backup media, ensuring the security of data at all times.

New in Retrospect for Windows and Retrospect for Mac

Ready for Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Before performing any upgrade of an operating system, it's critical to have a good backup for peace of mind, and to fall back on if it becomes necessary. Retrospect provides reliable protection that bridges both current and new operating systems, including Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

New in Retrospect for Windows and Retrospect for Mac

All-new Retrospect Client delivers resource and cost savings

New enhancements include better integration with the OS, end-user backup and restore on-demand, and administrator control over end-user features, such as marking private files and stopping a backup in progress.

New in Retrospect for Windows and Retrospect for Mac

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