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Retrospect Powerful Features Protecting Virtual Environments
JG Heithcock

3月 19, 2013

JG Heithcock is GM at Retrospect and has eighteen years experience in the storage and backup industry.

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Virtualization has become more and more mainstream in today’s small business community, making a best-in-class backup and recovery solution for virtualized environments a necessity.

Because virtual environments are hosted on physical hardware, the same data loss issues– fire, theft, natural disaster, human error, etc., affect them. If the physical hardware suffers a catastrophe, Retrospect can help you to quickly and easily recover your all of your data -- virtual environments included -- and reduce the costly negative impact to your day-to-day business operations.

In this article, we discuss Retrospect’s ability to protect both VMware and Hyper-V virtualized environments.

Retrospect Delivers Security & Peace of Mind

Retrospect delivers the same reliable and automated “set and forget” file-level data protection to virtual machines that it has been providing to physical machines for 25 years. For virtual environments ranging from Windows XP to 8, Server 2003 to 2012, hosted by VMware or Hyper-V, Retrospect utilizes its Client software to protect VMs with no extra cost or added complexity. By simply adding the client to the virtual machines, you can take advantage of all major Retrospect file-level features on virtual and physical machines alike, seamlessly backing up and restoring as easily as ever.

Retrospect is Powerful, Flexible and Reliable to Meet Business Needs

Leveraging its proven and rich foundation as a flexible yet efficient cross platform solution for physical machines, Retrospect supports virtual machine data protection with the same key features:

  • Powerful selectors to easily control what files to back up
  • De-duplication and Smart Incremental technologies across multiple virtual and physical sources
  • Direct back up to Disk, File, Tape and Optical media without extra steps or third party software
  • Compression and AES-256 encryption
  • Data retention policies and disk grooming for flexible and automatic backup storage space management
  • Precise restores with complete flexibility to restore an entire backup set or search for files with selected criteria across multiple backup sets

Retrospect Saves Money & Resources

Virtualizing your computing environment can offer cost and resource savings in your business. Retrospect’s Virtualization solution is a natural fit for protecting your business with little to no cost in existing Retrospect deployments and very cost-effective for new deployments. Retrospect reduces IT costs providing consistent, easy-to-use and automated features across:

  • Prevalent Windows PCs and increasingly popular MacOS computers
  • Highly mobile notebooks and always connected physical and virtual servers
  • Unique and comprehensive set of file-level features to reduce backup storage costs and network load

New VMware Host Server Add-on

Our new Retrospect 8 VMware Host Server add-on Agent, takes agent-less VMware virtual machine protection to the next level.

Features include:

  • Best consistent point-in-time snapshot possible via VMware and Microsoft VSS file-system and application consistent quiescing
  • 2x speed improvement over Client-based back up

Retrospect’s virtual environment solution continues to allow you to use Tape, Hard Disk, NAS, RDX and Cloud to store your backups.

Retrospect is the right protection for your small business virtualized environment at the right price.

Try it out Retrospect with our 45 day trial at Try. If you need help implementing it or have technical questions, visit Customer Support.

Questions? Email our sales group at sales@retrospect.com or call +1-925-476-1030.

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