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Updated Documentation
JG Heithcock

4月 2, 2013

JG Heithcock is GM at Retrospect and has eighteen years experience in the storage and backup industry.

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We are very happy to announce that all of Retrospect's documentation is now online. The new Documentation section of the website includes the latest User's Guide for Mac and Windows, available as HTML, PDF, and ePub (for iPhone/iPad), in six languages.

This migration represented a massive effort to consolidate our documents—the User's Guide, Read Me, Release Notes, Addendum, and Client Help—into a single unified home online. With the information living on our website, we're able to quickly update it with new information, as we did last week for Instant Scan.

Our goal is to ensure our customers can find the information they need about Retrospect immediately, by searching online, browsing a PDF on their computer, or paging through our documents on their iPad. Take a look!

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