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150,000 posts on Retrospect Forum
JG Heithcock

4月 26, 2013

JG Heithcock is GM at Retrospect and has eighteen years experience in the storage and backup industry.

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The Retrospect Forum has been a big part of our customer community for over a decade and has received over 150,000 posts. Some of our long-time customers joined as early as 2001. In fact, our Director of Tech Support, Robin, has posted over 10,000 times; that's more than twice a day, every day. A big thank you goes out to our most responsive users like Lennart Thelander and twickland for their enormous efforts. We're thrilled to have such a thriving community of users, helping each other ensure that every computer is protected.

We took a bit of time over the past week to give the forum a fresh coat of paint and to integrate our new site search directly into the forum. Now you can search the main site with its new integrated knowledge base as well as the forum. And if you need help, we added links to the main page that point you to our support team and our documentation.

Thanks again for helping ensure that every business has a backup.

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