What's New in Retrospect – Retrospect Backup 19 + Retrospect Virtual 2022 + Retrospect Cloud Storage

New Retrospect v10 for Windows & v12 for Mac!
JG Heithcock

3月 17, 2015

JG Heithcock is GM at Retrospect and has eighteen years experience in the storage and backup industry.

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Blazing Backup Speed

Retrospect’s new versions are significantly faster across key areas. Backups and restores take far less time in many cases, and other powerful features like grooming and snapshot transfer are lightning fast. Whether you are protecting Mac, Windows, or Linux systems, you'll feel the power of new Retrospect.

Super-Sized Data Grooming

Grooming is one of Retrospect's most powerful features. By using grooming, you can reduce the size of your backup set while keeping backups per policy from months or years ago, all without adding new media. With this release, grooming is up to 200% faster than previous versions, so you can clear out that unnecessary data and save money by recycling media.

In addition, our new grooming option allows you to determine the number of months of backups to keep. This setting enables you to comply with regulations that require long term data retention for business, while ensuring older and duplicate files are removed from the backup set.

Intelligent Reporting

Customized Email Summaries

Retrospect keeps you informed about the state of your backup environment, with detailed emails customized to your preferences. Each script notification includes a high-level summary at the top, along with a redesigned subject line that includes the script name, the number of errors, and the number of warnings. Even the 'From' address is now your server's name. At a glance, you can see that an operation completed successfully or immediately know if there was an error warranting investigation. The bottom of the email includes the script's log to pinpoint warnings or errors.

Insightful Dashboard

The dashboard on Mac and Windows has been enhanced to provide even more detailed information about each backup. You can now hover over any backup and instantly see what was backed up, how many files, and how much data it included.

Real-time Progress Information

Retrospect now offers detailed progress information and log entries to let you know how far along more time intensive tasks like catalog rebuilds, building snapshots, restores, grooms, and snapshot transfers are.

Bullet-Proof Network Resilience

Retrospect is more resilient to network hiccups and address changes that affect client connectivity and stability. From corrupted iCloud files on a remote Mac to Windows laptops closed during backup, Retrospect notes issues in the log and moves onto the next backup source.

Other Improvements

Instant Scan Centralized Management

In addition to client-side management, admins can now manage the state of Instant Scan in their environment through the server interface. You can enable or disable the feature per client.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Support

Retrospect is fully certified for Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

Native 64-bit Linux Support

Retrospect now includes native 64-bit Linux client support.

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