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Announcing our Lead Generation Program for Partners
Brian Dunagan

10月 25, 2018

Brian Dunagan is Vice President of Engineering at Retrospect and has been with Retrospect for more than a decade.

author: Brian Dunagan blurb_photo: "blog/blog_lead_generation_program.jpg" blurb: "We’re excited to announce the new Lead Generation Program for our channel partner network!" ---

We’re excited to announce the new Lead Generation Program for our channel partner network! We provide you with all of the tools you need to generate and manage leads as well as reach out to leads we share with you.

Instant Lead Generation

We built three seamless ways for prospective customers to download a trial and you to get the lead. And if you want more leads, just ask.

Free Trial On-Demand

Our software doesn’t hide behind an enterprise sales team. Your customers can get up and running with Retrospect Backup in minutes.

Powerful Management Tools

Your Retrospect Partner Portal includes all the tools you need to follow up with prospective customers.

Branded Drip Marketing

We use drip marketing with every Retrospect Backup lead, and your contact details are included for you to close the deal.

Free Gifts

Protect their privacy and their data with free webcam covers to distribute. Request your first pack today from your sales representative.

See Lead Generation Program for more details.

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