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World Backup Day 2022: A Reminder To Protect Data That Powers Your Organization
Jana Kurita

3月 28, 2022

Jana Kurita is Marketing Communication Coordinator at Retrospect and Drobo.

World Backup Day is nearly here, serving as an annual reminder of the importance of preserving invaluable data. According to the World Backup Day official site:

  • 30 percent of computers are already infected with malware

  • 29 percent of data loss happens inadvertently

  • 21 percent of people have never backed up their data

Whether data loss happens by chance or because of the actions of a cybercriminal, no organization can afford to lose its data. Why is this day set for the final day of March? As Forbes put it, “This annual event reminds people to back up their data before they lose it by accident or malice, and make themselves an April Fool.”

World Backup Day may be a great date to save family photos stored on your phone or the documents stored on your personal laptop, but it’s also a reminder to protect the data that powers your organization.

2021 brought about a major surge in cyberattacks, and 2022 is looking to be more of the same. According to Fortune, governments reported a 1,885 percent increase in ransomware attacks last year, and the healthcare industry experienced a 755 percent increase in similar attacks. Generally, across North America, there was a 105 percent increase in ransomware.

With so many bad actors looking to take advantage of network vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses, World Backup Day is an important date to mark on the calendar to ensure that if your data falls into the wrong hands, your organization is protected.

Why Backing Up Your Data Matters

Each day, there are more than 2,200 successful malware attacks—or one attack every 39 seconds. What’s more, 88 percent of organizations are the recipients of some kind of phishing attack every year.

But attacks by bad actors aren’t the only reason a backup is critical. Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and fires can lead to data loss, as can a hardware failure. In fact, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) shared that around 40 percent of businesses never reopen after a natural disaster, and 90 percent fail if they can’t get back up and running after just a few days.

Some may think that they aren’t susceptible to data loss due to natural disasters—but this simply isn’t true. More than 40 percent of Americans live in counties that were hit by some kind of climate-related natural disaster in 2021.

In every sector and industry, organizations rely on data to keep their businesses going. A shutdown of a few hours or days can cut into productivity, profitability, and reputation. With cybercrime and natural disasters on the rise, and the ever-present chance of hardware failure always on the horizon, organizations of all sizes must have a robust backup strategy.

Having a data backup is an essential step for organizations working to get back to normal after some kind of disaster strikes, no matter the cause.

Many Companies Aren’t As Ready As They Think They Are

If you lose your data due to theft, hardware failure, or natural disaster, is your backup and recovery plan enough?

In most cases, the answer is no. According to eWeek, “An effective backup approach significantly lowers recovery costs, shortens downtime, and provides an alternative to engaging with criminals in the case of ransomware attacks. All of these factors lower risk and can contribute to lower insurance premiums.”

But the problem is that many organizations don’t actually have an effective backup strategy in place:

  • Small companies with less than $10 million in revenue are two times more likely to lack adequate backups compared to larger organizations with revenues running between $10 million to $100 million. They are also four times less likely to have adequate backups compared to large enterprises that exceed $100 million in revenue.

  • For public agencies and administrations, these stats are far worse. Public organizations are seven times more likely to not have backups, and smaller public organizations with budgets below $10 million maybe 15 times more likely to not have a proper backup strategy.

  • Private sector and traditional businesses that don’t operate online—like warehouses, agriculture companies, and transportation companies—are even further behind in their backup strategies. They typically trail in implementing backups 2 to 3 times compared to other professional organizations and tech-based businesses.

The takeaway here is that World Backup Day 2022 comes not a moment too late. Now is the time to examine backup strategies and ensure that in the event something goes awry, your organization can get back to business right away, with minimal effort or stress.

It’s Time for Policy-Based Backups and Reliable Backup Solutions

How should you spend your World Backup Day? What solution is right for you? With the threat of ransomware and other cybercriminal activity always looming, and the increased risk of natural disasters - plus the danger of a failed device or network - policy-based backups may be the way to go.

Retrospect™, a StorCentric company, recently released Retrospect Backup 18.5 for general availability. Retrospect Backup 18.5 comes with policy-based scheduling, which makes it easier than ever to predict when backups leave the retention policy, and actively works to protect files that are no longer retained. This means that your organization always has the point-in-time backups needed to restore your system to full operation, all within the immutable retention policy window.

In addition to policy-based backups, Retrospect Backup 18.5 has extra security enhancements to allow organizations to defend against attacks and malicious threats like ransomware.

Retrospect offers the industry’s most flexible backup solutions, including thorough reporting and cloud data protection for:

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Amazon S3

  • Google Cloud Storage

  • And more

Retrospect Backup is committed to providing organizations with the secure, reliable, cost-effective backup solutions they need to fit with their existing operations. No matter which solutions you choose or what backup strategies you implement, Retrospect has the options to fit your processes and your bottom line. Try Retrospect Backup free for 30-days!

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