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Get Retrospect notifications on your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, or Android with IFTTT

One of our staff wanted to receive notifications on their Apple Watch whenever a backup completed. IFTTT made it easy for him to set up, and now you can too.

IFTTT (an abbreviation of "If This Then That") is a free service that allows people to create applets, sets of simple conditional statements which trigger actions on other web services, like Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter.

When Retrospect sends out an email notification, IFTTT sees the email and sends out a notification to your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Steps to set this up for your Retrospect environment

  1. Turn on email notification inside of Retrospect.

    The IFTTT applet we link to uses Gmail. If you don’t have a Gmail address already, you can get a free one here.

    Mac settings:

    Windows settings:

  2. Log into our IFTT channel at and turn on the service

    (Make sure the email address you use to sign up for IFTT is the one in Retrospect’s settings.)

  3. I guess it was only two steps. Enjoy getting notified!

    As you can see from the screenshots, you might want to start out getting notified for all activities. Once you are confident Retrospect is backing you up correctly, you can turn off the "Send e-mail for successful events" checkbox and you will only get notifications when Retrospect needs media for backing up to or other issues.

How to Create an Applet

For those who are interested in customizing the applet, here is how we created the Retrospect applet.

  1. Choose a service to act as the trigger. We chose "Gmail".

  2. Choose the trigger. We chose "New email in inbox from search" with the keyword "Retrospect", so that any email with "Retrospect" in the subject will trigger the action.

  3. Choose the action service. We chose "Notifications", which is powered by IFTTT’s iOS and Android apps, enabling you to receive notifications on your mobile devices. You can also choose from a wide range of other services.

  4. Choose the action. "Notifications" only has one action, but each service comes with a unique set of actions to select.

  5. Complete the action fields. "Notifications" allows you to customize the notification with the sender, subject, or other parameters (IFTTT calls these "ingredients"). These action fields vary by service and action.

  6. Review your applet.


JG Heithcock

JG Heithcock is GM at Retrospect and has eighteen years experience in the storage and backup industry.