Retrospect Backup customers span a wide range, from home users protecting their documents and photos to small businesses protecting their one server and ten laptops to large organizations with dozens of servers and thousands of endpoints.


NASA Relies on Retrospect Backup for Two Decades of Protection

“The original decision to use Retrospect occurred in the early 1990s. It has withstood the test of time as a superior product.”

Dale Windsor, Systems Administrator

HTS at NASA – Aerospace


Low-Field Imaging Laboratory at Harvard Medical School Protects 80TB with Retrospect Backup

“I'm a physicist, not an IT person. Retrospect just works really well.”

Matthew Rosen, Director, Low-Field Imaging Laboratory in MGH Martinos Center

Harvard Medical School – Education


SRI International's SBI Ensures Uptime with Retrospect Backup and Cloud Storage

“We looked at other products. Acronis does not have the scripting capabilities of Retrospect. They are so bulky it is almost unusable. They also have scalability issues about duplicating from one server to another. Veeam does the server one to server two perfectly, but doesn’t do other things. Retrospect does the job for us.”

Jon Hammar, IT Manager

SBI – Technology


Cardiovascular Research Institute at University of California at San Francisco Protects 100 TBs with Retrospect Backup

“We protect over 100 TB for labs with budgets only for tape. Retrospect Backup makes it work.”

Dennis McGovern, Programmer Analyst Supervisor at Cardiovascular Research Institute

UC San Francisco – Education


BioKyowa Complies with Regulatory Agencies using Retrospect Backup

“We've used Retrospect for a decade. It's never failed. I've looked at other products, but Retrospect is so cost effective.”

Mark Perkins, IT Manager

Biokyowa – Biochemical


Retrospect Backup Helps Cardinal Newman High School Recover from California Wildfire

“I got a knock on the door at 5:00 AM to evacuate my house. I picked up my computer, a personal hard drive, and the school's Retrospect backups on a different hard drive. Half the school burned down that day.”

Dirk Bietau, IT Director

Cardinal Newman High School – Education


Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies Ensures Its Data Protection with Retrospect Backup

“Over the past eight years, Retrospect Backup has been a valuable resource for PADT, Inc. The software has saved many of our slips of the delete keys.”

David Mastel, Chief HPC System Architect

Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies – Aerospace


4CM&M Protects its Business with Minimal IT using Retrospect Backup

“I like the way Retrospect just backs up everyone. ProactiveAI starts a backup whenever my laptop shows up.”

Frank Sternberg, Senior Account Executive

4CM&M – Media


RenneR & Co Trusts Retrospect Backup to Protect Their Small Business for a Decade

“Retrospect Backup has practically saved our business.”

BH Renner, Founder

RenneR – Finance


Proactive Technologies Bundles Retrospect Backup with Hardware for Print Vertical Market

“If every one of our vendors were like Retrospect, the world would be a much better place. We love partnering with them.”

Tawni Bennett, Executive Management

Proactive Technologies – Print


Data Northwest Switched to Retrospect for the Dependable Vendor Relationship

“From a technology standpoint, Retrospect is mature, and from a customer service standpoint, the Retrospect team is great. We’ve been through a lot of backup products, and Retrospect is the best.”

Tom Wilson, Owner

Data Northwest – Managed Service Provider


License My Software Relies on Retrospect for a Consistent Backup Vendor Relationship

“I enjoy working with Retrospect Sales. When I started my company, Retrospect was the first call.”

Terry Noonan, Owner

License My Software – Value Added Reseller


mac is it Uses Retrospect Backup to Protect Hundreds of Clients for 30 Years

“Retrospect Backup allows me to sleep knowing that clients won't lose their data. It's never happened. I've been using Retrospect since 1989. It's never failed.”

Joseph Alexander, Owner

mac is it – Consultant


Affordable Protection

“It's far less expensive than Veritas or other products we looked at, and it backs up Linux, macOS, and Windows.”

Mike Bernhardt - Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

A Happy Customer

“I had issues with other backup solutions in my environment. Now that I utilize Retrospect, I've been a happy customer.”

Kevin Bell - Integrity IT Works

Retrospect Beats Them All

“I have had to work with just about every other product on the market. Retrospect beats them all hands down.”

Johan Vos - The Jupiter Drawing Room

Reliable Backup

“It has been a reliable backup solution for our clients for over 15 years.”

Calvin Anderson - WestWorld Computers Ltd

The Best!

“The people who work at Retrospect are the best!”

Bruce Oliver - Bruce Oliver Consulting

Restoration Was a Breeze

“I have had several server crashes, and Retrospect has saved my critical data. Restoration was a breeze. It's an outstanding, easy to use product–well priced for so much functionality.”

Steve Bergmann - Venn Tech Services

Retrospect Saved Their Job

“We had an architect client who deleted plans for a new museum. Easily 1,000's of man hours invested. Retrospect saved their job.”

Chris Cooper - Fortuna Group

Using Retrospect Every Day

“We are using Retrospect daily and we don't know how many times it saves our jobs.”

Miho Karolyi - Kaligraf d.o.o.

Fast and efficient, unlike Time Machine.

“The last time I used Retrospect to restore data: yesterday. Retrospect did exactly what was expected. Fast and efficient, unlike Time Machine.”

Jan-Erik Gustavsson - Gapscom AB

More than a decade

“I've used Retrospect for more than a decade and never had a file I couldn't restore.”

Bob Brown - Senior Lecturer at Kennesaw State University

The Best Mac Backup

“Best Mac backup that has been evolving for many years.”

Tony Verga - CDS Group, inc

Best Backup Software for Multimedia

“It's the best software for backing up tons of multimedia data files in my company (the biggest media company in Europe).”

Marek Slowik - Phoenix Press

The Best Mac Backup for SMEs

“We have used Retrospect since the early 2000s as it was the best (perhaps at times the ONLY!) Mac server / client solution for SME backup.”

Tom Parkinson - New State Entertainment

Saved My Business

“I have been a very satisfied customer for well over a decade. Retrospect is the very BEST in the industry! Literally saved my insurance business on many, many occasions.”

Sue Ritchie - Ritchie Financial

RAID isn't backup

“A RAID is not a substitute for a backup! RAID 1 success during last decade? About 30%. Retrospect? 100%.”

Pete Martin - TechGraphics

The Best Software

“The best software I have found for PC backup and restore!”

Stellan Rosengren - AB Volvo

A Fantastic Piece of Software

“A fantastic piece of software we have used and sold for many many years. Easy to use, cross platform backup and synchronisation at a sensible price point.”

Stu Bennett - ComputerWorld Group

Protecting Irreplaceable Artworks

“Retrospect protects my data (including valuable and irreplaceable artworks) and my work environment, so I can focus on my art.”

Bob Nicholls - Paleoart

Just Fantastic

“We have been working with Retrospect for years. This product is just fantastic. It integrates perfectly whether it is on the Apple or Windows system.”

Xavier Boucher - HorusMicroSystem

Really Impressed

“We've been using Retrospect Multi-Server for almost a decade and we are really impressed with the latest version.”

Keith Bingham - Detex Corporation

Only Retrospect

“I had tried other programs in the past - but NONE of them work! They do very, very poorly on restore. Only Retrospect has NEVER failed me!!!”

Albert C.

Perfect Solution for Small Businesses

“The cost was lower than most big brands providing backup solution. The system was highly reliable. Perfect backup solution for small businesses.”

Timothy S.

Great Backup Software

“Built-in smart filters makes it easy to see what clients have backed up and what clients have not backed up. Great backup software for a fraction of the price of their competitors.”

Chris J.

Fantastic Software

“Selectors for backing up data and restoring data. ProactiveAI. Grooming. Fantastic software with vast features.”

Rahul D.

Reliable, Fast Backups

“Reliable, fast backups without too much complexity. Good balance between features and ease of use.”

Ken L.

Never Let Me Down Yet!

“You can leave it for months, then come back to it and restore files deleted by office staff months ago - I've done this in anger many times and it's never let me down yet! Best customer support I've ever had.”

David B.

Retrospect Backup Saved Me!

“I've used Retrospect for decades, until recently needed it only for occasional recovery of individual files. Recently I had a catastrophic computer crash, and the Retrospect backup saved me.”

Jan A.

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