Retrospect Backup's goal is to protect your entire environment quickly and securely, while utilizing as little storage as possible. The core engine uses a unique forever-incremental file-based backup technology allowing protection of individual files and folders as well as full systems. Forever-incremental backup technology and de-duplication allows you to only back up only needed files and system changes since the previous backup, minimizing backup time and storage costs.

Retrospect backup creates complete point-in-time snapshots at every incremental backup, allowing for full or targeted restores with only incremental backups. You can transfer incremental backups for redundant media copies, merge them into a single synthetic full backup for simplified media rotation, or simply filter just your most critical data to limit pipeline and storage needs.

When restoring, just choose any incremental backup snapshot for a synthetic full restore, giving you a 100% point-in-time accurate restore for a set of files or an entire system. You can also select every version of a targeted file, or sets of files among every incremental backup in one quick sweep. Retrospect supports full system disaster recovery, also known as bare-metal recovery (BMR).

Combining file-based backup, system state snapshotting, and incremental-forever backup, Retrospect Backup differentiates itself from other backup solutions by allowing businesses to quickly restore individual files, large folders, or entire systems.

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