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Four reasons why Retrospect is the best solution for Backblaze B2 backup

Businesses have many options to back up to the Cloud, so why choose Retrospect? The answer is that Retrospect has built-in centralized management, a wider host of features and options, and the ability to safeguard your data in multiple places. Today’s post will go over each of these to demonstrate why we think Retrospect is the best solution for Backblaze’s B2 Cloud Storage.

Backup versus Sync

Before we get started, it is worthwhile pointing out that a number of the integrations that support B2 are sync services—​they copy your data to the B2 Cloud. As I pointed out in When can a Copy also be a Backup?, copies can play an important role in your total data protection strategy, but typically miss critical features like versioning, redundancy and encryption protection.

Centralized management

Most of the backup applications that integrate with B2 are standalone. You install the application to each machine you want to back up and manage the backups from that machine. While some companies such as CloudBerry have a managed backup service, they are paid add-ons. Retrospect has its centralized management built in from the ground up—​at no extra cost. This allows an administrator to set up common policies, destinations and options—​and monitor the backups—​in one place.

More options

Retrospect, having been in the backup business for over twenty-five years, has a boatload of features. Features like rule based selectors that you can use to back up only the files that are important to you, policy based or fine-grained scheduling options, compression, encryption, verification, open file and block-level backup. Not to mention the new Script and Web Hooks that can be used to integrate with other services like Slack, IFTTT and others. (We will be covering those in more detail in later blogs.) Many of these integrations have some of these features, Retrospect is the only one with all of them.

Redundant destinations

In addition to storing your data on Backblaze’s B2 cloud storage, Retrospect also supports over 2,000 tape drives, NAS drives, and other devices. Increasing the number of places and types of media you use to safeguard your data increases your security. No other provider offers so many destinations.

In conclusion

With centralized management included in every edition, a wide array of options to help you manage and control your backup strategy, and an impressive list of supported devices in addition to Backblaze’s excellent B2 service, Retrospect is a very compelling choice for your businesses backup. Try us out today!


JG Heithcock

JG Heithcock is GM at Retrospect and has eighteen years experience in the storage and backup industry.