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Fall Update: Product Improvements for Windows and Mac

Retrospect 12.6 for Windows and Retrospect 14.6 for Mac are now available. Both include support for more cloud storage providers, improvements to the daily backup report email, email customization options, and more:

New Cloud Storage Providers

Retrospect is now certified to seamlessly integrate with DigitalOcean Spaces, Google Cloud Storage in Frankfurt and São Paulo, and Aufiero Informatica in Argentina.

Daily Backup Report Email for Large-Scale Environments

Retrospect's daily backup report email has been improved to support better analytics for large-scale environments with hundreds of clients, with a high-level summary, a section for errors, and a table of clients that are not protected.

Customizable Email Template

Customers are now able to customize Retrospect's HTML email template with their own header and footer, enabling IT administrators to add their contact details for quick access to support. For details, see our Knowledgebase article: How to Customize the Retrospect Email Template

Improved Error Reporting

Retrospect has always had excellent error reporting. If there is an issue with your backup or restore, we call it out in the operations log. To reduce the noise of spurious warnings, Retrospect no longer identifies the following issues as warnings: cached files that do not compare (operating system files during a live system backup) or files that are no longer present (files that were present during the scan but not during backup). For details, see our Knowledgebase article: Improved Error Reporting.

Networking Improvements

Retrospect now better adapts to network hiccups and timeouts with a faster retry mechanism and improved error handling, including handling the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar virtual interface. For the full list, see the release notes.


Brian Dunagan

Brian Dunagan is Vice President of Engineering at Retrospect and has been with Retrospect for more than a decade.