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Retrospect 15 and Retrospect Virtual 2018

It’s been a crazy week. Last Tuesday, we released Retrospect 15 worldwide in six languages and on three platforms. Retrospect now supports email protection and migration, AI capabilities with BackupBot, remote backup for global data protection, and data hooks for at-a-glance backup analytics. We also released Retrospect Virtual 2018 for VMware and Hyper-V environments with support for larger environments and Linux VMs.

And on top of that, we launched Retrospect Solo, a new edition of Retrospect built for personal data protection. It protects one computer (Windows or Mac), two email accounts, and any number of external hard drives on local or cloud storage–all for $49.

Thanks so much for the positive feedback from customers and partners. The whole team is incredibly proud to protect so many businesses and consumers around the world.

See What's New in Retrospect 15 for more details.

– The Retrospect Team


Brian Dunagan

Brian Dunagan is Vice President of Engineering at Retrospect and has been with Retrospect for more than a decade.