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Retrospect 15.1: New Cloud Storage Options

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Retrospect 15.1 provides seamless integration with even more cloud storage providers both in the cloud and on-premise, including Minio, Zenko CloudServer, SwiftStack, Aqua Ray, Cynny Space, and Synology and QNAP NAS devices.

Retrospect Backup now supports such a long list of cloud providers that we thought an animation would make it easier.

Retrospect cloud backup

With Retrospect Backup, you get affordable offsite cloud protection with the following great features:

Cloud providers

Multiple Providers

Retrospect supports more than twenty cloud storage providers, located around the world, for affordable fast offsite storage.

Cloud lockin

No Lock-In

Migrate backups from one cloud to another with a simple transfer, all within Retrospect.

Cloud security

Zero-Knowledge Security

With AES-256 encryption in-transit and at-rest, only customers can access their backups, no matter where they store them.

Cloud performance

Fast Upload

Retrospect supports up to 350 Mbps for a single backup or restore and can saturate a 1 Gbps connection with multiple simultaneous backups.

Lifetime license

Perpetual License

Each copy of Retrospect is a lifetime license for data protection, with no monthly subscription fees and affordable upgrade pricing.

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Brian Dunagan is COO at Retrospect, Inc. and has been with Retrospect for more than a decade.