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Compatibility with macOS High Sierra and APFS

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Apple macOS High Sierra with Apple File System (APFS) has been available for nine months with a 50% adoption rate, according to GoSquared. APFS is the default file system in macOS High Sierra for Mac computers with all-flash storage. APFS features strong encryption, space sharing, snapshots, fast directory sizing, and improved file system fundamentals. APFS replaces HFS+, a file system that Apple has maintained for the last twenty years.

Retrospect 14.6 and 15 are certified for macOS High Sierra and APFS. Previous versions of Retrospect are not supported. See our full compatibility documentation for more details.

Upgrading to macOS High Sierra
If you are upgrading to High Sierra, you should upgrade to Retrospect 14.6 or 15 for both the server and the clients to ensure full data protection.


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