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Retrospect Management Console Now Available

Retrospect Management Console is now out of beta and available for everyone. It will enable you to monitor and manage up to 100 instances of Retrospect from a single interface. You'll be able to see which sources are protected and which needs your attention, from your desktop browser or mobile device.

Retrospect Management Console enables basic monitoring from anywhere for every Retrospect Backup 16 engine with complete monitoring and management available for each engine with the Management Console Add-on. It is a hosted service with in-transit and at-rest encryption, enabling businesses and partners to securely monitor and manage their backup environment.

Real-Time Monitoring

See a real-time view of backups, including live activities and predictive storage usage.

Access Anywhere

Monitor an entire backup infrastructure or multi-tenant client base from any desktop or mobile device, with your own portable Backup-Operations-Centre.

Every Retrospect Edition

Retrospect Management Console supports every edition of Retrospect Backup, from Solo to Multi Server Premium.

Dashboard Aggregation

Analyze the status of the entire organization's Retrospect engine infrastructure with engine and organization aggregation.

Organization Drilldown

Create different organizations for separate business locations or corporate clients to partition the engine information and enable organization-level drilldown.

Distributed Management

Deploy new backup configurations to every Retrospect engine or only a specific subset.

Sign up for a free account: Retrospect Management Console.


Brian Dunagan

Brian Dunagan is Vice President of Engineering at Retrospect and has been with Retrospect for more than a decade.