Imation RDX A8

January 8, 2013



Virtual Library


starting from 160GB


Mac Windows
Status Qualified Qualified
Minimum Product Required Desktop Professional
Minimum Version Required 8.2 7.7
Minimum Driver Update
Minimum Firmware
Notes - -

Qualified - Passed extensive in-house certification. Storage device is fully supported.


The multiple-bay RDX A8 networked storage array enables SMBs to access up to 12 TB of data simultaneously (on eight RDX removable disk cartridges, based on 1.5 TB cartridges), and can operate as either a backup target or online storage.

Operating in Tape Emulation mode, the A8 functions as a single drive, spanning all available cartridges to provide seamless handling of large data sets. In JBOD mode, the A8 gives you a separate drive letter for each bay.

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