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Retrospect Announces New Releases for Windows and Mac

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Block Level Incremental Backup Improves Storage Efficiency Saving Resources

PLEASANTON, Calif.—March 4, 2014—Retrospect®, Inc. today announced new versions of Retrospect Backup & Recovery Software for Microsoft® Windows® and Apple® Mac® OS X®. Retrospect 9 for Windows and Retrospect 11 for Mac both include block level incremental backup technology for smaller, faster backups, a new high-level dashboard, and detailed email reporting. Retrospect 9 for Windows also includes improved disaster recovery and dissimilar hardware restore.

Block level incremental backup provides customers with a significant boost in performance by adding the ability to back up only the parts of a file that have changed —providing a powerful complementary option to its traditional file level backup. Many data-intensive applications like Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft Exchange® store their data in a single large file that constantly changes by small increments. With block level incremental backup, Retrospect locates the changes in a file and backs up only those blocks, speeding up the backup and using far less storage. This freed-up time and storage can be used to back up additional systems, provide breathing room for future growth, or back up critical data more frequently.

Retrospect’s new dashboard is a valuable productivity tool that gives customers a high-level overview of their current backup environment, with a weekly summary and a visualization of recent backups. Customers can quickly see which computers are not protected, identify which computers back up the most data, and evaluate their storage usage, saving time and ensuring complete data protection.

Improved email reporting provides a wealth of data about each backup. The operations log is now included in the reports to give customers complete insight into each backup's progress. With these detailed logs customers can supervise their backups from any device and filter emails based on errors or warnings to hone in on issues as soon as they happen.

“We are very excited about these new features, offering our customers a complete data protection eco-system.” said David Lee, Retrospect's Director of Worldwide Product Management. “Smaller organizations are continually challenged by the need for a comprehensive cross-platform data protection solution that offers full on-site and off-site data protection, archiving, and duplication. There are so many incomplete options in the market today that it can be very confusing. For the last 30 years, we have continued to develop Retrospect for small and medium sized businesses, refining and enhancing our tried-and-true technology, so our customers can be confident that their data is completely protected now and for the future.”

Other Improvements

Retrospect 9 for Windows includes an enhanced disaster recovery workflow for full compatibility with Windows XP® through Windows 8.1® and Windows Server 2012 R2® and complete support for 64-bit machines and drivers. In addition, Retrospect’s Dissimilar Hardware Restore add-on for Windows also includes full support for Windows 8.1® and Windows 2012 R2® and 64-bit operating systems and drivers.

Pricing and Availability

Retrospect 9 for Windows and Retrospect 11 for Mac are available immediately from Retrospect resellers or www.retrospect.com as an electronic download. Boxed product will be available from resellers at the end of March. Retrospect is available in 6 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

Pricing for Retrospect ranges from $119 for Retrospect Desktop, which protects a single non-server computer and up to five additional networked computers, up to $2,199 for Retrospect Multi Server, which protects as many Mac, Windows, and Linux servers and PCs as your bandwidth and storage capacity will allow. Upgrades range from $69 to $1,299. (All prices listed above are suggested retail pricing in U.S. dollars.) For a complete listing of new and upgrade product pricing, please visit retrospect.com.

Free upgrade period: Individuals and organizations that purchased a Retrospect license on or after February 1, 2014 will receive an email notification that they qualify for a free upgrade to the latest Retrospect release.

About Retrospect

Retrospect backup and recovery software provides small and midsize businesses with the reliability, ease of use, power, and flexibility needed to protect critical data on mixed-platform networks. Retrospect offers local and offsite backups, precise point-in-time restores, file-level deduplication, iOS remote management of multiple backup servers, end-user-initiated restores, and industry-leading customer support. With more than two decades of field-tested expertise and millions of users worldwide, Retrospect meets the needs of organizations that require the highest level of recoverability.

About Retrospect

Retrospect is dedicated to providing reliable backup and recovery tools for professionals and small-to-midsize businesses. For additional information, please visit retrospect.com.

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