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Retrospect Unveils Personalized Portal for Partners

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New Partner Portal Allows Partners to See Client History

Sunnyvale, Calif.— September 5, 2017—Retrospect®, Inc., makers of award-winning Retrospect Backup & Recovery software, today announced website updates to enhance their partner program with a new partner portal for easy, secure access to customer history and a redesigned Partner Locator with Google Maps integration.

The new partner portal allows every partner to log in to Retrospect.com and see their customers' entire Retrospect purchase history. Secured with industry-standard SSL encryption, partners can view contact details, annual support and maintenance (ASM) contracts, and licenses for any of their Retrospect customers, with a dashboard view on the customers that need to renew their annual support and maintenance (ASM) subscriptions. With built-in integration with the Upgrade Wizard, partners can see their customers' upgrade and renewal information with one click.

In addition, the portal includes details on their contact information displayed on Retrospect.com and a list of their contact details. With the portal, partners can stay up-to-date on every customer and spot any issues in their own public contact information.

Along with the new partner portal, Retrospect.com now includes a partner locator with Google Maps integration. Partners are pinned on Google Maps for each region of the world, so that customers can instantly find the closest partner to their business. The partner directory also now displays each partner's expertise–Windows, Mac, Linux, Virtual, or Cloud–to help customers pick the best partner for their business's unique needs.

“Retrospect's new partner portal enables me to keep track of every client and ensure they're all up-to-date with the latest release of Retrospect. With licenses, support contract dates, and contact details, all of my clients' information is a click away,” said Michael Henneke, Clarus APS.

“We're thrilled to unveil the partner portal to our growing community of resellers, service providers, and consultants,” said Jean-Christian Dumas, Vice President of Worldwide Sales. “The portal gives them complete access to all of their customers' details and helps them manage annual support and maintenance contracts.”

To sign up for the Retrospect Partner Portal, visit https://www.retrospect.com/partners.

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Retrospect backup and recovery software provides small and midsize businesses with the reliability, ease of use, power, and flexibility needed to protect critical data on mixed-platform networks. Retrospect offers local and offsite backups, precise point-in-time restores, file-level deduplication, iOS remote management of multiple backup servers, end-user-initiated restores, and industry-leading customer support. With more than two decades of field-tested expertise and millions of users worldwide, Retrospect meets the needs of organizations that require the highest level of recoverability.

About Retrospect

Retrospect is dedicated to providing reliable backup and recovery tools for professionals and small-to-midsize businesses. For additional information, please visit retrospect.com.

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