File-level and system-level protection for your servers with point-in-time restores.

How to Protect a Server

Your business server is the engine of your business. Any disruption to it costs you time, and small businesses are perpetually short on time. Protecting your server with Retrospect Backup ensures you can recover quickly and move on.

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Point-in-Time Snapshot

For a server, you need a complete point-in-time representation of the system. This snapshot needs to include all of the files and the system as well as the system information, like the Windows registry. Windows provides a way to freeze the system for a backup, even while the user continues interacting with it: VSS or Open File Backup. Finally, you need multiple snapshots, so that if you lose something after the initial one, you can still recover it.

Retrospect Backup provides all of this in a seamless tool for protecting your server. When something does happen to your server, you can restore it (even to dissimilar hardware) and move on.

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Minimizing RTO

RTO is business speak for Recovery Time Objective. It means how long the recovery process takes, and the goal is to recover your system in as little time as possible.

Retrospect Backup is one of the fastest backup and recovery tools available. It’s designed to restore any backup as quickly as hardware and bandwidth allow, while ensuring that restore is a perfect point-in-time snapshot of the original system, down to the system information and file and folder ACLs and metadata, even on different hardware.

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Minimizing RPO

RPO means Recovery Point Objective. It means the point in time you want to recover, and you want that to be as recent as possible.

Retrospect Backup is optimized for performing periodic incremental backups of your server, providing as many points in time to recover from as your storage allows. Every backup represents a complete snapshot of your system at that time.

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