In addition to perpetual licensing, Retrospect Backup is available as a subscription. Purchase an affordable monthly or yearly subscription to protect every computer in your environment--from a single laptop to dozens of servers and hundreds of endpoints per Retrospect Backup engine. Retrospect Backup subscription scales with a business's needs.

  • Subscription low recurring cost square

    Low Recurring Cost

    Customers can start protecting their environment for a low upfront cost and only use it as long as they need.

  • Subscription data ownership square

    Data Ownership

    Retrospect Backup ensures customers own their data. With a diverse set of destinations supported, customers can protect their data on disk, tape, and over twenty cloud storage providers. Migrating backups from one destination to another is as simple as creating a transfer script.

  • Subscription restore supported square

    Restore Always Supported

    Retrospect Backup always supports restores. If a customer chooses to cancel their subscription, backup and duplicate will cease to work, but the customer can continue using Retrospect for restoring their past backups.

Common Use Cases

Let's walk through a few common use cases for what a business would choose for a Retrospect Backup subscription. In every case, Retrospect Backup can protect Windows, Mac, or Linux systems.

Home Office - From $9.99 per month

A home office with six computers can use Retrospect Backup Desktop as a subscription to protect every computer.

Small Dental Office - From $39 per month

A small dental office with one server and twenty computers can use Retrospect Backup Single Server 20 to protect every computer.

Medium Design Firm - From $179 per month

A medium-sized design firm with five servers and one hundred endpoints can use Retrospect Backup Multi Server to protect every computer.

Large Law Firm - From $716 per month

A law firm with thirty servers and five hundred endpoints can use four instances of Retrospect Backup Multi Server to protect every computer.

Data Protection for Every Environment.