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Retrospect Virtual - Adding Office 365 as a backup set type


title: Retrospect Virtual - Adding Office 365 as a backup set type created_at: 2020.06.09 updated_at: 2020.06.09 category: Virtualization --- Retrospect Virtual 2020 supports Office 365 protection. However, the source is not available by default if you open Retrospect Virtual Host Server.

To use Office 365 in a backup set, please do the following:

  1. Log into the Retrospect Virtual Console. The default address is

  2. Go to "Users, Groups and Policies".

  3. Click on the Policies tab at the top.

  4. Select your policy group. Default settings is the default policy group.

  5. On the left side menu, select Backup Set Settings

  6. Scroll down to “Backup Set Types Visible to Users” and hit the plus (+) icon

  7. On the new page, select the drop down menu and choose Office 365, then select the green plus (+) at the bottom right. You will see it appear in the list of available backup set types.

  8. Select the green save icon at the bottom right. This will save your configuration.

Once Office 365 has been added as a set type visible to users, quit Retrospect Virtual Host Server if it is running, and open it. You will now see Office 365 Backup as a destination type.

Last Update: June 9, 2020