How to Set Up the Management Console

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Management console

The Retrospect Management Console will enable you to monitor and manage up to 100 instances of Retrospect from a single interface. You’ll be able to see which sources are protected and which needs your attention, from your desktop browser or mobile device. Retrospect Backup 15.6 for Windows or Mac is required.

The Retrospect Management Console is in beta and currently available at no cost. See Details.

You can register with us at to be alerted to future updates to this preview.

We will walk through integrating Retrospect Backup with Retrospect Management Console.


With Retrospect 15.6, you can enable the Management Console directly in the UI Preferences.

  1. Sign up for a Retrospect Management Console account and save the organization UUID.

  2. Install Retrospect 15.6.

  3. Ensure that the application has a license.

  4. Navigate to the Preferences. On Windows, it’s available on the left navigation. On Mac, it’s available in the toolbar menu.

    Management console prefs win

    Management console prefs mac

  5. Select "Management".

  6. Check "Enable Management Console" and fill in the "Organization UUID" from your Retrospect Management Console settings.

  7. Close Preferences. The engine data will show up in your Retrospect Management Console account, and you’ll see the "Last Updated" status show the last time the data was sent. There is also a status message to help troubleshooting.

  8. If you set up the Retrospect Management Console with Retrospect Backup 15.5, please remove the following INI settings. On Windows, it’s located at C:\ProgramData\Retrospect\retro.ini. On Mac, it’s located at /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/retro.ini. Then restart the engine.



Firewall Configuration

Retrospect Backup communicates with the Management Console using HTTPS, so the port is 443. As it’s the same as HTTPS web traffic (like Gmail and Amazon), it’s not generally blocked. If the firewall white-lists domains, "" will need to be added.

Technical Details

The Retrospect Management Console uses the organization UUID to link a Retrospect Backup instance to the correct organization. Within the organization, the Retrospect Backup application license is used to uniquely identify the data for that instance. If the application license is used by more than one instance (for example, re-using a trial license), then the data from the most recent communication from one of those instances will appear.

When configured, Retrospect Backup communicates with the Retrospect Management Console every minute.

To disable it, repeat the above steps and uncheck "Enable Management Console".

Last Update: October 16, 2018