Retrospect Virtual - How to Migrate or Stop a Run Direct VM


When doing a run direct restore, users have the option to mount the VM from the backup and run it without migration (runs the VM directly from the backup). However, if you decide you would like to migrate the temporary restore, or stop the run direct VM, do the following:

  1. Log into the Retrospect Virtual Host Server (the standalone program) and select Restore

  2. Once at the restore page, at the bottom left is an option to “Manage Run Direct virtual machines” – this will take you to the list of all run direct VM’s you currently have

  1. In here, you have two options: at the bottom left is an option to stop all run direct VM’s, which will unmount any run direct VM from the hypervisor and remove it from the temporary restore point. The second option is to select the VM in question if you want to either migrate or stop an individual run direct VM

  2. Once you select the Run Direct VM,at the bottom left you have the option to stop the VM. On the bottom right, you have the option to migrate the run direct VM, which will result in Retrospect Virtual doing a full restore of the backed up VM. Note: end users currently logged into the run direct VM might experience a temporary interruption of service while the restore completes the final stage of the migration restore process (generally a black screen for a few seconds).

Last Update: August 13, 2021