Retrospect Virtual Host Server Installation on Windows Server Core


This is a step-by-step guide for installing Retrospect Virtual Host Server on Windows Server Core.


  1. Login to the Windows server core, and the command prompt would appear.

  2. Type in the following command to enter PowerShell: powershell.

  3. Use the following command to download Retrospect Virtual Host Server installer to Windows server core:

    Invoke-WebRequest http://YOUR_BACKUP_SERVER/cbs/download/obm-win-80-YOUR_BACKUP_SERVER-http.exe -OutFile
    ‘c:\temp\obm-win-80- YOUR_BACKUP_SERVER-http.exe’
  4. After finishing downloading, Press Enter button to continue.


  1. Use the following command to execute the installer:

  2. Go through the installation dialogs.

  3. On the final screen, select "Launch Retrospect Virtual Host Server".

  4. To verify the installation was successful, you can run Get-Service in PowerShell.

    Get-Service -DisplayName ‘Retrospect Virtual Host Server’
  5. If you chose not to start Retrospect Virtual Host Server, go to the next set of steps.

Running Retrospect Virtual Host Server

If you chose not to start Retrospect Virtual Host Server, you can run it from the command line:

cd ‘.\Program Files\Retrospect Virtual Host Server\bin\’
# For 32-bit
.\systemTray.exe -UI
# For 64-bit
.\systemTray64.exe -UI

Last Update: January 27, 2020