Retrospect Virtual: Installing Host Server on Ubuntu


Follow our step-by-step guide for installing Retrospect Virtual Host Server on Ubuntu Server.

  1. Ensure Curl is installed on your machine.

    Virtual host server ubuntu1

  2. Open the Virtual Manager on your Linux distribution to download Retrospect Virtual Host Server application.

    Virtual host server ubuntu2

  3. Save the requested file for your distribution on the computer.

    Virtual host server ubuntu3

  4. Verify your Java version and install it if needed (Minimum OpenJDK 1.8 or Java SE 1.8).

    Virtual host server ubuntu4

    Virtual host server ubuntu4 1

  5. Go to the directory you downloaded the VHS and change mode to execute if you selected the .sh.

    Virtual host server ubuntu5

  6. Execute the VHS .sh file to unpack and install.

    Virtual host server ubuntu6

  7. When done you should have .desktop file and Retrospect VHS in the app list.

    Virtual host server ubuntu7

  8. Launch VHS and log your user, don’t forget to setup the manager in "Advanced Options".

    Virtual host server ubuntu8

  9. Find the possible backup types you can do from Linux environment.

    Virtual host server ubuntu9

Last Update: December 16, 2019