Retrospect Virtual - Updating to the Latest Version


To update Retrospect Virtual to the latest version, please do the following:

  1. Download the latest copy of the Retrospect Virtual installer sent by the Retrospect support staff member.

  2. On the Retrospect Virtual Console machine (the console being the browser-based software that defaults to, close the console, then go to services.msc and stop both the NFS Service and the Retrospect Virtual Management Console Service.

  3. Run the installer, make sure the options to migrate are checked. Once completed, the services will automatically restart.

  4. Launch the Retrospect Virtual Console (this can take a moment while the services restart).

  5. Go to Users and groups – select Policy Group at the top – Select Default settings.

  6. Sometimes after updating the Virtual Console, the built-in default settings can revert back to their factory settings, so verify your settings now before moving forward (such as password expiration, backup set types available, etc). When done, go back to the main landing page for the console.

  7. Select the blue and white down arrow download button at the top right, then download a new off-line copy of the Retrospect Virtual Host Server.

  8. Install the new copy of the Retrospect Virtual Host Server over the old install (no need to stop services).

Retrospect Virtual is now ready to use.

Last Update: February 16, 2021