Retrospect Virtual - Binding to a Specific NIC/IP


In environments where Retrospect Virtual Management Console is installed on a machine with multiple NICs or a NIC with multiple IPs bound to it, you can specify which IP Retrospect Virtual will utilize. See the steps:

  1. Log into the Virtual Management Console (the web interface that defaults to

  2. Under "System Settings" at the bottom, choose "Basic", then make sure you’re under the "General" tab at the top

  3. Under the "Connectors" section, you can modify the listening IP by clicking on either of the two connectors (both default to, one is port 80 and the other port 443)

  4. After updating the IP addresses, select the check icon at the bottom right, then choose the green save icon at the bottom right of the general tab to save the settings.

Note: After making this change, you will connect to the Virtual Management Console via the specified IP address (in the example, instead of

Depending on your setup, you will also need to modify the Virtual Host Server to utilize the new listening IP. You can do that at the login page of VHS by selecting the "Show advanced options" button at the bottom, then updating the IP.

Last Update: April 26, 2022