Retrospect Virtual - Migrating the VMC


See below for steps to migrating the Virtual Management Console (VMC).

Please note that migration is only advisable for VMWare setups. Typically, businesses using Hyper-V will install VMC and VHS on the Hyper-V host, so if they need to migrate, it is likely because they have a new Hyper-V server. Backup sets cannot be transferred from one VMC/VHS setup to another. They are advised to set everything up again from scratch. VMWare setups do not have this limitation as the backup sets are pointed to a network location, not the local host.

Note: Those existing backups can still be restored from via the Decrypt option.

The proper procedure for migrating a VMC setup is as follows:

  1. Download the same version of Retrospect Virtual Console that is installed on the old machine and install it on the new machine – you can confirm which version by launching the current Virtual Console – going to Licenses – then under Update License, there will be a product version. Reach out to Support for a download to that specific version

  2. Stop the Retrospect Virtual Management Console service on the old machine. Press Windows key + R to open the run command and type services.msc and select OK. Scroll down to Retrospect Virtual Management Console, stop the service, and set it to not automatically launch

  3. Stop the Retrospect Virtual Management Console service on the new machine (see above instructions). Copy the following folders from the old machine to the new machine in the same location:

    C:\Program Files\RetrospectVMC\conf
    C:\Program Files\RetrospectVMC\logs
    C:\Program Files\RetrospectVMC\system
    C:\Program Files\RetrospectVMC\user

    Restart the Retrospect Virtual Management Console service on the new machine

  4. Confirm all your settings – check the license, users, policies, etc to make sure everything looks the way it should

  5. If this new host has a different IP/hostname as the original, make sure that is updated in the advanced options of VHS found on the logon page

Last Update: June 28, 2022