Retrospect Virtual - How to Recover users.xml from Backup


If you are missing Virtual Host Server users, have a corrupted users.xml file, or if the users.xml file was accidentally deleted, do the following:

  1. On the Retrospect Virtual Console host (the web host found at by default), go to services.msc and stop the Retrospect Virtual Management Console service.

  2. Go to C:\ProgramFiles\RetrospectVMC\conf\Backup. In here should be several zip files that contain backups of important Retrospect Virtual Console files.

  3. Find the latest zip file with a known good copy of the users.xml file, open the zip file, open the conf folder and make a copy of users.xml.

  4. Move the copied users.xml file to C:\ProgramFiles\RetrospectVMC\conf.

  5. Go back to services.msc and start the Retrospect Virtual Management Console service.

  6. Launch the Retrospect Virtual Console. go to Users, Groups & Policies. Make sure you’re under the Backup user tab at the top and confirm the presence of your Virtual Host Server users.

Last Update: August 19, 2021