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Retrospect Virtual - How to Set Up Email Alerts and Logs


title: "Retrospect Virtual - How to Set Up Email Alerts and Logs" created_at: 2021.08.23 updated_at: 2021.08.23 category: Virtualization --- If you wish to have Retrospect Virtual send alerts, backup and restore logs via email, do the following:

  1. Log into the Retrospect Virtual Console (the web interface defaulted to

  2. Select Basic from the landing page under System Settings

  3. Select Email at the top

  4. Select the plus (+) symbol below STMP Server - here you will enter in your SMTP server and credentials for the mail server sending out the logs

  5. After you have added all your settings, use the check icon at the bottom right, after that, make sure to select the green save icon at the bottom right


  • The Host Name box is for the SMTP server address

  • The email address you add here will not by default send the logs to itself, specifying which email addresses will receive email alerts and logs is set up in the next section of this guide

  • Some 3rd party mail servers (such as Gmail and Yahoo) require you create a 3rd party application password for programs such as Retrospect Virtual

  • Use the Test button to confirm functionality

To specify what alerts and logs will be sent and where they will go, do the following:

  1. Back at the landing page for the Retrospect Virtual Console, select Users, Groups & Policies

  2. Select Policy Group at the top

  3. Select your policy group

  4. Choose User Settings on the left

  5. Here is where you can select what type of logs will be sent – specify which email addresses will receive the logs by adding them to the bcc reports section – make sure to select the green save icon at the bottom right when you’re finished

Last Update: August 23, 2021