Retrospect Virtual - False Positives for Windows Defender


In rare instances, a Retrospect Virtual backup will be interrupted with the following error:

Fail to open '\\\Backup\16494354xxxxx\blocks\2022-04-08-16-05- 40\0\000001_000068.bak'. Error='[CreateFileW] (225) Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software

This is caused by a false positive with Windows Defender when reading an existing backup or creating a new backup file. It can be corrected by excluding the backup location from Windows Defender scans. In the above example, you would want to exclude the ‘blocks’ folder as it would exclude all child folders where the backed up files exist.

For Windows 10 and 11:

Launch the Windows Settings window, go to Update & Security, Windows Security on the left, then Open Windows Security. Choose the Virus and threat protection section on the left, scroll down to the settings and select Manage Settings – here you can add the backup folder as an exclusion.

For Windows Servers, refer to the Microsoft documentation, as there are several ways to add exclusions, such as via Group Policy or PowerShell.

Last Update: May 4, 2022