For 32 years, Retrospect Backup has protected data in more than half a million of homes and businesses around the world.

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Cloud Backup

Retrospect supports more than twenty cloud storage providers, all seamlessly integrated with zero-knowledge security and no lock-in for fast, affordable, offsite protection in your 3-2-1 Backup Rule.

Remote Management

You can monitor your entire backup infrastructure in a single pane of glass with the Retrospect Management Console–on your computer or on your phone, even outside the corporate network.

Remote Backup

Enabling remote backup requires minimal configuration on the server-side network and no changes for the remote employee's network, and it supports proactive scripts–with ProactiveAI–for backup when employees are online and on-demand restore for employees to get files back without assistance.


With ProactiveAI, backup scripts will optimize the backup window for the entire environment to ensure every source is protected as often as possible for an optimal RPO strategy.

Email Protection

The best protection against data loss is a backup, and email is no different. Customers can use Retrospect to back up their email accounts to a local or cloud destination, and they can restore a lost email or account with a couple clicks.

Block-Level Incremental Backup (BLIB)

With block level incremental backup (BLIB), you can significantly reduce your backup time and network usage when protecting certain common large files with up to 90% savings in some cases.

Virtual Protection

Retrospect Virtual enables you to protect your VMware and Hyper-V environments with a single console.

Retrospect: 34 Years of Backup



Retrospect 19 for Windows and Mac. Retrospect Virtual 2022. Retrospect Cloud Storage. Microsoft 365 Data Protection. OS Compliance. Backup Comparison. Multi-Factor Authentication.


Retrospect 18 for Windows and Mac. Retrospect Virtual 2021. Ransomware Protection. Security Reporting. Geo Tracking. Cloud Data Protection. Microsoft Azure Support.


Retrospect 17 for Windows and Mac. Retrospect Virtual 2020. Automatic Onboarding for Servers and Endpoints with Retrospect Management Console. 10x Faster ProactiveAI. Restore Preflight.


Retrospect acquired by StorCentric. Retrospect 16 for Windows and Mac. Retrospect Virtual 2019. Retrospect Management Console. Storage Groups. Deployment Tools. Cloud Backup to 26 Providers.


Retrospect 15 for Windows and Mac. Retrospect Virtual 2018. Remote Management. Remote Backup. BackupBot. ProactiveAI. Email Protection. Data Hooks. Cloud Backup to 20 Providers. Private Cloud.


Retrospect 12 for Windows and Retrospect 14 for Mac. Retrospect Virtual for VMware, Hyper-V. Scalable Data Protection. Cloud Backup to Backblaze B2, Wasabi. Script Hooks for Slack, Nagios. Avid. LTFS.


Retrospect 11 for Windows and Retrospect 13 for Mac. Cloud Backup to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Dropbox. Performance-Optimized Grooming. Faster Catalog Rebuild. Configuration Management.


Retrospect 10 for Windows and Retrospect 12 for Mac. 2x Faster Performance for Backup, Restore, Transfer, Grooming. Improved Email Notifications. Dashboard Enhancements.


Retrospect 9 for Windows and Retrospect 11 for Mac. Block-Level Incremental Backup (BLIB). High-Level Dashboard. UEFI. Single Windows Localized Binary. 64-bit Windows DR.


Retrospect 8.5 for Windows and Retrospect 10.5 for Mac.


Retrospect 8 for Windows and Retrospect 10 for Mac.


Retrospect spun out of Rovi Corporation, becomes private, independent company focused solely on Retrospect Backup. Retrospect 9 for Mac released.


Sonic Solutions acquires Retrospect from EMC. Rovi Corporation acquires Sonic Solutions.


Retrospect 8 for Mac released. Retrospect 7.7 for Windows released.


Retrospect 7.6 for Windows released.


Retrospect 7.5 for Windows updates released.


Retrospect 7.5 for Windows released.


Retrospect 6.1 for Mac released.


Dantz Development acquired by EMC Corporation. Retrospect 6 for Mac released. Retrospect One-Touch for Maxtor released. Retrospect 7 for Windows released.


Retrospect 5.1 for Mac released.


Retrospect 5 for Mac released. Retrospect 6 for Windows released.


Retrospect 4.3 released.


Retrospect 5.15 released.


Retrospect 5 for Windows released. (First Windows release)


Retrospect 4.1 released. Retrospect Express released.


Retrospect 4 released.


Retrospect 3 released.


Retrospect 2 released.


Retrospect 1.3 released.


Dantz Development bought DiskFit back from SuperMac.


Dantz Development released Retrospect 1.0.


Dantz Development sold DiskFit to SuperMac.


Dantz Development formed by Richard Zulch and Larry Zulch and released Megacopy.



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