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How to protect your paperless finances

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Paperless finances are ubiquitous these days. Every financial institution promotes paperless billing and paperless statements. You can get an email every month, letting you know the latest statement is ready for your perusal and download. No more paper copies to store somewhere. It's a welcome step toward reducing physical clutter, but those statements are still relevant, both now and far into the future. Keeping a local copy, albeit a digital version, is still an important step in protecting your finances.

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Back up your taxes with Retrospect 15

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Tomorrow is Tax Day in the United States, the deadline for filing tax returns for the 2017 calendar year. After you click 'Submit' or drop the finished documents in the mail, don't forget to protect all of that hard work. If you are like most people, you use tax software like TurboTax to file your taxes and financial software like QuickBooks to organize your finances in preparation. You've invested hundreds of hours in keeping those up-to-date, so let's walk through how to protect those digital assets locally.

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Product Launch Event: Alias

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We really enjoyed meeting everyone at Alias in Italy yesterday!

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Product Launch Event: Lidera Network

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Great to meet with the team at Lidera Network last week in Spain!

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World Backup Day

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World Backup Day is March 31 – Protect your digital life with 50% off @RetrospectInc Backup: Solo, Desktop, and Email Add-ons. Get complete data protection with Retrospect.

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