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Retrospect Management Console Now Available

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Retrospect Management Console is now out of beta and available for everyone. It will enable you to monitor and manage up to 100 instances of Retrospect from a single interface. You'll be able to see which sources are protected and which needs your attention, from your desktop browser or mobile device.

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Announcing Retrospect 16

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We're excited to announce that Retrospect Backup 16 for Windows and Mac and Retrospect Management Console are now available worldwide. Now you can monitor and manage your entire backup environment from anywhere - even across multiple sites.

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Complete Protection for your Business Servers

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Your business server is the engine of your business. Any disruption to it costs you time, and small businesses are perpetually short on time. Protecting your server with Retrospect Backup ensures you can recover quickly and move on.

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Backup: Data Insurance for Small Businesses

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Retrospect Backup provides complete protection for every major operating system, virtual environment, application, and email service–with backup, archive, and duplicate features built-in.

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Why Protect an Email Account?

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Your business's email is in the cloud. It's backed by your email provider's 99.9999% SLA, and they assured you that it's distributed among three different data centers. You verified that you can recover deleted email from a recycle bin. What could go wrong?

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