Retrospect Backup is used by thousands of creatives around the world, from photographers to design studios to marketing groups.

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    Designed for Small Groups

    Retrospect Backup is designed for small groups with limited IT staff, with set-and-forget strategies like ProactiveAI.

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    Protection for Every Machine

    With one copy of Retrospect Backup, you can protect your entire environment, from servers to desktops and laptops to network shares.

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    No Upload Required

    No need to upload mountains of data to the cloud for data protection. Retrospect Backup works within your local network to protect your digital projects.

Why Creatives Choose Retrospect

Complete data protection accidents

Accidents Happen

You never know when someone is going to spill coffee on their laptop or trip over the power cable and pull the computer off the desk. Accidents happen every day. If you dropped your laptop and lost the data, could your business recover? Is the only copy of your customer database on the computer below your desk?

Retrospect Backup protects your business from catastrophic data loss by keeping your business data secure in a backup. Accidents are frustrating, but with Retrospect Backup, you can recover your data and move on.

Complete data protection failure

Hardware Fails

Computers can fail at any moment, and that data could be lost. Modern computers have thousands of components. You don't know when your file server is going to not restart or your laptop won't turn on. Maybe you could recover the data from the hard drive inside. Maybe not.

Retrospect Backup gives you the peace of mind to know that if your computer doesn't start, your data is safe in one or more other places.

Complete data protection ransomware

Malware Hits

First your business was vulnerable to viruses. Then adware and spyware. Then ransomware. And now cryptomining. Malware has continuously evolved, with tremendous growth over the last few years. The fact remains: your hardware and your data are valuable.

Retrospect Backup ensures you will always have access to your data, even if your computer is compromised.

Complete data protection lost

Lost, Not Found

1,400,000 smart phones were lost in the United States in 2013, and 600,000 laptops were lost at U.S. airports alone in 2008. With so many devices, you'll eventually forget one. Will you find it again?

With Retrospect Backup, you lose your device, not your data. You can restore your backup to a new machine and move forward.

Complete data protection theft

Computer Theft

1 in 10 laptops are stolen over the lifetime of a laptop, and 3,100,000 smart phones were stolen in the United States in 2013. Your business laptop might be next. How many people walk by your computer at work? Do they all work there?

Retrospect Backup is your data insurance policy. With it in place, you can restore your data to a new laptop and get back to work.

Complete data protection disaster

Disaster Strikes

Every year, there are millions of fires, thousands of earthquakes and tornadoes, and dozens of hurricanes. If your business data only lives on the computer at the office, you're living dangerously.

With Retrospect Backup, you can store backups of your data offsite on any of our twenty different cloud providers. Want your backup on a different coast or continent? No problem.

Complete data protection no internet

Internet Not Required

Not all data is connected to the internet. When data is extremely sensitive, exposing it to the internet and the entire world of malicious actors is dangerous. But that data still needs protection. A good backup strategy for an offline network is necessary for many mission-critical environments.

Retrospect Backup does not require an internet connection. Licensing it does not involve a complicated activation process. You purchase a license. You type it in. The license enables the software. Done. No cloud required.

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Data Protection for Every Environment.