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Die Kunden von Retrospect Backup umfassen eine breite Palette, von Privatanwendern, die ihre Dokumente und Fotos schützen, über kleine Unternehmen, die ihren einen Server und zehn Laptops schützen, bis hin zu großen Unternehmen mit Dutzenden von Servern und Tausenden von Endpunkten.

Honeywell Technology Solutions at NASA | Dale Windsor

Industry: Aerospace

Why did you choose Retrospect as your backup?

The original decision to use Retrospect occurred in the early 1990’s. The advantages then were many and it has withstood the test of time as a superior product. Examples:

  • It can backup Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Unix products
  • The point in time backup feature made it possible to restore files before the mistake was made or bad file occurred
  • Easy to use scripting, automated tape function and direct to disk array backups
  • Ability to add or scale your systems as the data size changes

There are many more advantages to this product. The internet is loaded with success stories.

What do you like about Retrospect?

I can create an automated script and it will back-up the client using the full or incremental method depending on the need. I can then restore that same data back to the client reliably and they can pick-up their work right were the left off. The user can also do the same for themselves if the configuration is set-up to allow it.

How has Retrospect helped you?

We have been able to restore data for several engineers over the years that would have been lost had it not been backed up. In one instance the 7 year old data from a Mac was restored to a PC and with a little conversion enabled the engineer to use it. Just as he did 7 years earlier.

Ein zufriedener Kunde

„Ich hatte früher in meiner Umgebung Probleme mit Datensicherungslösungen. Seid ich Retrospect verwende, bin ich ein zufriedener Kunde.”

Kevin Bell - Integrity IT Works

Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies, Inc. (PADT) | David Mastel

Industry: Aerospace

Why did you choose Retrospect as your backup?

I had grown frustrated with our previous solution called BackupExec. I really liked the user interface of Retrospect over our previous software.

What do you like about Retrospect?

  • It just works!
  • Easy to setup for use across all of our platforms that include Linux , Windows & OSX.
  • Reliable – We have used various versions of Retrospect for almost eight years now.
  • Has scaled well for PADT, Inc. with no complaints!
  • The iPhone/iPad application was a great addition and I use it all the time.

How has Retrospect helped you?

Over the past eight years Retrospect has been a valuable resource for PADT, Inc. The software has “saved” many of our slips of the delete keys. We don’t expect to change anytime soon! I don’t ever recall having a failed or corrupted restore!

Retrospect ist besser als alle anderen

„Ich musste schon mit nahezu jedem anderen Produkt auf dem Markt arbeiten. Retrospect schlägt sie alle mit Leichtigkeit.”

Johan Vos - The Jupiter Drawing Room

In der TiefeA Day in the Life of Marc Hoffman, IT Manager

Zuverlässige Datensicherung

„Seit mehr als 15 Jahren ist es eine zuverlässige Datensicherungslösung für unsere Kunden.”

Calvin Anderson - WestWorld Computers Ltd

RenneR & Co Chartered Management Accountants | BH Renner

Industry: Finance

Why did you choose Retrospect as your backup?

It was recommended as the preferred software for our first external drive - Maxtor One Touch II. This was over 7 years ago when we first started...

What do you like about Retrospect?

Absolutely Everything:

  • I trust the package completely. It offers a level of ‘business safety’ knowing that one has access to it.
  • It is an invaluable asset for us or any small / medium sized business; putting the client in the driving seat with regards to data management, security and control.
  • It is very easy to use [although, to maximize the use of all the features in the newer versions, one may need to invest some induction time].
  • It offers various backup and access options – hardware include server, desktop, iphone etc.; and level of back up data from a single file to the whole system.
  • The Activity Monitor Log gives us a one stop section for data review and control.
  • Having Retrospect means that we save on disc space. We do not really need to be saving excess versions of the same files as we know we can always access prior day’s work if need be.
  • We are less worried about virus attacks and the like.

How has Retrospect helped you?

It has practically saved our business. We have had quite a few file restores over the years due to:

  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Hard disc extension
  • Problems with corrupt file during staff training
  • File / data overwrite problems
  • Plus virus attack and clean up related works

The fact that we have the option to perform either a complete restore on our operating system or just for a single file, coupled with the bonus that we can also transfer data to a new / different hardware has been priceless, absolutely priceless!

Die besten!

„Die Menschen, die bei Retrospect arbeiten, sind die besten!”

Bruce Oliver - Bruce Oliver Consulting

City of

City of Calgary, Creative Services | Jon Lyne

Industry: Government

Why did you choose Retrospect as your backup?

Been a Retrospect user since 2003. Well regarded. A system that we trust.

What do you like about Retrospect?

Easy to implement and configure. Low cost. Excellent support. A good backup is in the restore. If you can't restore, why backup? Retrospect has never failed in restoring from a backup.

How has Retrospect helped you?

Due to a natural disaster event with severe flooding here in Calgary June 2013, all of downtown (including our office) was going to be closed. We were able to grab our drive with all of our critical work backed up and a few laptops. We provided emergency communication work and business continuity at a temporary remote location for almost two weeks before we were allowed to return.

In der TiefeA Day in the Life of Maurice Volaski, Systems Administrator

Die Wiederherstellung war ein Kinderspiel

„Ich hatte mehrere Server-Abstürze und Retrospect hat meine wichtigen Dateien gerettet. Die Wiederherstellung war ein Kinderspiel. Es ist ein herausragendes und leicht bedienbares Produkt, das für seinen Leistungsumfang preisgünstig ist.”

Steve Bergmann - Venn Tech Services

Bulletproof | Robert Frost

Industry: Design

Why did you choose Retrospect as your backup?

We have used Retrospect as a backup solution from the early days of version 6. So it seemed a natural progression to upgrade when it has proved necessary.

What do you like about Retrospect?

It has a simple and easy to use application window. Once the scripts and sets have been created you can almost leave it to do its job and safely forget about it. Each new upgrade has a great improvement over the last version.

How has Retrospect helped you?

Retrospect has helped us to backup and restore files upon request. Saving numerous of hours having to recreate corrupted or deleted files. It’s a valuable tool for archiving work and is a very much needed asset in recovery.

Retrospect hat ihren Arbeitsplatz gerettet

„Wir hatten als Kunden einen Architekten, der die Pläne für ein neues Museum gelöscht hat. Das waren gut 1.000 Arbeitsstunden. Retrospect hat seine Arbeit gerettet.”

Chris Cooper - Fortuna Group

Muller and

Muller & Caulfield Architects | Rosemary Muller

Industry: Architecture

Why did you choose Retrospect as your backup?

Wanted to continue using an application I already know and trust. Computers are critical to my architectural business. We use them to create our drawings, as well as typical business uses. We need to be able to restore data and get back to work in less than a day. A colleague who backed up “to the cloud” lost all data and it took 4 days to restore via the internet. We can’t afford to be down 4 days.

What do you like about Retrospect?

IT professional not required. I set it up myself. My architectural staff can use Retrospect themselves to retrieve a file, or even to restore the whole server after a disk failure. Easy to set up to do automatic backup every night, with once a week backup to second disk to be rotated offsite.

How has Retrospect helped you?

I have been using Retrospect for more than 15 years. During that time it has saved my life at least twice from total disk failure, once while I was out of the country and my staff had to recover everything on their own. We have used Retrospect numerous times to restore old versions of files that got mistakenly trashed or we discovered were corrupted.

In der TiefeA Day in the Life of Lennart Thelander, Senior Systems Developer

Retrospect im täglichen Einsatz

„Wir verwenden Retrospect täglich und wir können nicht sagen, wie oft es schon unsere Arbeit gerettet hat.”

Miho Karolyi - Kaligraf d.o.o.


Industry: CRM

Why did you choose Retrospect as your backup?

Dopo aver fatto una ricerca su tutti i software di backup abbiamo scelto Retrospect perché era il software con il miglior rapporto qualità prezzo.

What do you like about Retrospect?

Creare backup job e pianificarne l'esecuzione è molto semplice, l'interfaccia è molto intuitiva.

How has Retrospect helped you?

lo Staff di retrospect ci ha guidato passo passo nell' installazione del software sui nostri sistemi, nella pianificazione dei backup e nella configurazione della reportistica.

Schnell und effizient, nicht wie Time Machine

„Wann ich Retrospekt zum letzten Mal verwendet habe, um Daten wiederherzustellen? Gestern. Retrospect hat genau das gemacht, was ich erwartet habe. Schnell und effizient, nicht wie Time Machine.”

Jan-Erik Gustavsson - Gapscom AB


Bay Area Rapid Transit | Mike Bernhardt

Industry: Transportation

How do you use Retrospect?

We back up about 20 servers and some desktops. We currently back up both to local media and to Google Cloud.

How has Retrospect helped you?

We had an important server that died. We were able to install the OS on a new system and then restore the entire server onto that. It only took a few hours to have everything back exactly as it had been before.

Mehr als ein Jahrzehnt

„Ich verwende Retrospect seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt und es gab nie eine Datei, die ich nicht wiederherstellen konnte.”

Bob Brown - Senior Lecturer at Kennesaw State University

In der TiefeA Day in the Life of Steve Maser, Senior Systems Administrator

Das Beste Backup für Mac

„Das beste Mac-Backup, das sich seit vielen Jahren weiterentwickelt.”

Tony Verga - CDS Group, inc


IT Collective

Industry: IT

When selling security solutions and services, it is key to understand the technologies but also feel that we will be supported in every step of the sale process. We signed up to the Retrospect partner programme in November 2012 as we were looking at standardising on a unique backup solution for our customers and decided to partner with Retrospect because they understand partner enablement and support! The partner kit includes various resources and we specifically loved their mini site that not only displays their content directly in our website so is immediately updated when they have new versions but also includes a few tools to help us create demand like a trial page and license upgrade options. This is a great endorsement for our prospects who feel that we are true partners, not just a partner logo.

As an Elite partner we also get extra visibility and extra attention! The Retrospect guys were able to join us and our customers and prospect for a business breakfast along with other vendors to discuss how our technologies (communication server, backup, storage etc..) work well together.

Beste Backup-Software für Multimedia

„Es ist die beste Backup-Software, um die Tonnen von Multimedia-Daten in meiner Firma (dem größten Medienunternehmen Europas) zu sichern.”

Marek Slowik - Phoenix Press


RGB Solutions

Industry: IT

We specialise in IT security for SMB and deal with mixed environment. We have sold Retrospect for a long time and signed up to their programme in order to get special access to their resources sales, marketing and support teams.

The format of the Certification is very adapted to our needs: 1 hour online training & test providing good knowledge about the products and technical overview. We received access to the various resources straight after passing the test.

Retrospect sends us regularly partner ready emails that we can adapt to our look and feel and send to our customers and prospects to educate them on data protection.

Das beste Mac-Backup für SMEs

„Wir verwenden Retrospect seit Anfang der 2000er und es war die beste (und vielleicht zeitweise EINZIGE) Mac-Server-/Client-Lösung für SME-Backups.”

Tom Parkinson - New State Entertainment


Fuerteventura Life (Grand Holidays)

Industry: Turismo (Tourism)

¿Por qué razón elegisteis Retrospect para vuestro backup?

Utilizamos Retrospect porque nuestra empresa tecnológica de confianza Goweb, nos lo recomendó y después de analizarlo nos pareció el idóneo por calidad-precio.

¿Qué os gusta de Retrospect?

Que asegura nuestra información de una manera directa y constante.

¿Comó Retrospect os ha ayudado?

Retrospect nos permite estar tranquilos ya que todos los datos sensibles de nuestra compañia están protegidos.

Preiswerter Schutz

„Es ist weit weniger teuer als Veritas oder andere Produkte, die wir betrachtet haben, und sichert Linux, macOS und Windows.”

Mike Bernhardt - Bay Area Rapid Transit

GoWeb | Andrés Chocho

Industry: IT

¿Por qué eligió vender Retrospect?

Retrospect cumple fielmente con todos los estándares de fiabilidad y seguridad que requerimos, nos transmite seguridad y certezas, ambas muy válidas para mantener la confianza de nuestros clientes.

¿Comó Retrospect os ha ayudado?

Retrospect nos permite ofrecer unos servicios de calidad fortaleciendo nuestra imagen de empresa prestadora de servicios tecnológicos para empresas.

¿De qué manera Retrospect ayuda vuestros clientes?

Nuestros clientes se sienten seguros y confiados al saber que una compañía de primer orden protege sus datos con altos estandares de seguridad impresindibles para poder seguir avanzando en un entorno cada día más complejo.

Hat mein Unternehmen gerettet

„Ich bin seit über einem Jahrzehnt ein sehr zufriedener Kunde. Retrospect ist das Allerbeste in der Branche! Es hat mein Versicherungsunternehmen bei vielen, vielen Gelegenheiten buchstäblich gerettet.”

Sue Ritchie - Ritchie Financial

RAID ist kein Backup

„Ein RAID ist kein Ersatz für Backups! Der Erfolg von RAID 1 im letzten Jahrzehnt? Etwa 30% Retrospect? 100%.”

Pete Martin - TechGraphics

Die beste Software

„Die beste Software für PC-Backup und -Wiederherstellung, die ich finden konnte!”

Stellan Rosengren - AB Volvo

Eine fantastische Software

„Eine fantastische Software, die wir mehrere Jahre genutzt und verkauft haben. Einfache Nutzung, plattformübergreifendes Backup und Synchronisation zu einem vernünftigen Preis.”

Stu Bennett - ComputerWorld Group

Unersetzbare Kunstwerke

„Retrospect schützt meine Daten (einschließlich wertvoller und unersetzbarer Kunstwerke) und meine Arbeitsumgebung, damit ich mich auf meine Kunst konzentrieren kann.”

Bob Nicholls - Paleoart

Einfach fantastisch

„Wir nutzen Retrospect seit Jahren. Dieses Produkt ist einfach fantastisch. Es lässt sich perfekt integrieren, egal ob es sich auf dem Apple- oder Windows-System befindet.”

Xavier Boucher - HorusMicroSystem

Wirklich beeindruckt

„Wir benutzen Retrospect Multi-Server schon seit fast einem Jahrzehnt und wir sind wirklich beeindruckt von der letzten Version.”

Keith Bingham - Detex Corporation

Nur Retrospect

„Ich habe bereits andere Programme ausprobiert - aber KEINES davon funktioniert! Sie leisten beim Wiederherstellen sehr, sehr schlechte Arbeit. Nur Retrospect hat mich NIE im Stich gelassen!”

Albert C.

Perfekte Lösung für kleine Unternehmen

„Die Kosten waren geringer als bei den meisten großen Marken, die Backup-Lösungen anbieten. Das System war höchst zuverlässig. Perfekte Backup-Lösung für kleine Unternehmen.”

Timothy S.

Großartige Backup-Software

„Integrierte intelligente Filter machen es leicht, zu erkennen, wovon Kunden Sicherheitskopien erstellt haben und wovon nicht. Großartige Backup-Software für einen Bruchteil des Preises ihrer Konkurrenten.”

Chris J.

Fantastische Software

„Selektoren für Datenbackup und -wiederherstellung. ProactiveAI. Pflege. Fantastische Software mit enormen Funktionen.”

Rahul D.

Zuverlässige, schnelle Backups

„Zuverlässige, schnelle Backups ohne großen Aufwand. Gutes Gleichgewicht zwischen Funktionen und Benutzerfreundlichkeit. “

Ken L.

NeuWas gibt es Neues bei Retrospect – Retrospect 16 mit Remote-Verwaltung, Speichergruppen und Bereitstellungstools

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