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Product Launch Event: PIANJ/PIANY

Partner events pianj piany

Over the weekend, Bill Haas from Computer Backup Group attended the 2018 PIANJ/PIANY Annual Conference in NJ, with a few Retrospect NFRs as giveaways to remind the lucky winners why Retrospect is the #1 Backup Solution for SMB environments. Thanks, Bill!

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Product Launch Event: Synaxon 2018 UK

Partner event synaxon 2018 uk

Simon Carr, our Regional Sales Manager for United Kingdom and Ireland, met with partners at Synaxon's UK conference last week to discuss the benefits of endpoint protection for small businesses and how Retrospect delivers complete data protection at an affordable price.

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Product Launch Event: Synaxon 2018 Germany

Partner event synaxon 2018 germany

Heinz-Jochen Peters, our DACH Sales Manager, met with partners at Synaxon's MSP Camp in Germany last week to discuss the new version of Retrospect and how it can help protect even more aspects of a small business.

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Local vs. Cloud Email Backup Storage: Can Both Be Right?

Blog email article

We are happy to present an article from Brian Thomas of Enlightened-Digital covering email backup storage options.

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Product Launch Event: Microworld

Partner events microworld

Pawan Kumar, our North and East India Sales Manager, recently met with the team at Microworld in India to discuss Retrospect's new features and how to protect small business environments. Great to speak with everyone!

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