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Mark It On Your Calendar: Verify Your Backup Day on Friday the 13th.

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As shared in Computer Weekly, “You are only as good as your last backup.” But what if that backup doesn’t work? Organizations must have copies of their data to serve as protection — like an insurance policy — against hardware failures, system outages, and other disruptions to the power or network, as well as flooding, fire, or other natural disasters. They also act as a safety net against application errors or accidental deletion.

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The Ever-Looming Threat of Ransomware

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2020 was, without question, a banner year for ransomware attacks. Ransomware is a lot more prevalent than you think. When an organization is hit by a ransomware attack, they have two choices: Pay the ransom or lose — or even expose — their data. After the attack, these organizations are left to pick up the pieces and do damage control. In 2020, 51% of organizations were affected by ransomware.

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Tech Solutions that are Helping Organizations Thwart Cyberattacks

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Hackers and cybercriminals nowadays are targeting more and more organizations. CNBC reports that cyberattacks cost companies $200,000 on average, while only 14% of small businesses have defense strategies currently in place.

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Top 4 Ransomware Attacks to Be Aware of Going Into 2021

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From malware distributing Facebook Ads and COVID-19 themed phishing emails, ransomware groups are the first to adapt their messaging to take advantage of uncertainty. And the ongoing pandemic, along with the massive changes to our everyday lives caused by it, have given these groups an ample amount of resources to exploit.

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TI del Grupo Fastrax: Asustor + Retrospect

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Estamos entrevistando a Clever Viera (responsable de TI del Grupo Fastrax) y a Martín Ovando, gerente de producto de la División Soluciones: Software y Servicios para la Gestión de TI en el segmento corporativo.

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