Express HD - How do I backup to my external hard drive?


Before setting up a backup with Express HD 2.0, please go to My Computer and:

  • Verify that you can see your external hard drive with a drive letter.

  • Double click the external hard drive and verify that you can access it.

Setting up an external hard drive Backup:

  1. Launch Retrospect HD by double-clicking the taskbar icon or using Start | Programs | EMC Retrospect | Retrospect HD 2.0. Then click on Setup.

  2. Click on Setup.

  3. Choose Backup.

  4. Choose what you would like to backup. The video selects the 2nd option Let me choose specific files, folders, and drives? to manually specify data you want backed up.

  5. Select what folders/files you want to backup.

  6. Choose where to store your Backups.Select the external hard drive for the backup destination. (You can also choose how much space you would like to allocate for the backup, by clicking the all available link. You can also choose to compress your data, by clicking Off to change it to On).

  7. Setup a Backup Schedule.

  8. Click on the Back up now link to start the backup (or if you setup a schedule, wait for the schedule to take effect).

  9. Express HD is now copying data.

  10. Express HD is now verifying the backup.

  11. Done! You have now created a Restore Point.

Last Update: 14. Februar 2012