We provide you with all of the tools you need to generate and manage leads as well as reach out to leads we share with you.

Instant Lead Generation

We built three seamless ways for prospective customers to download a trial and you to get the lead. And if you want more leads, just ask.

Free Trial On-Demand

Our software doesn’t hide behind an enterprise sales team. Your customers can get up and running with Retrospect Backup in minutes.

Powerful Management Tools

Your Retrospect Partner Portal includes all the tools you need to follow up with prospective customers.

Branded Drip Marketing

We use drip marketing with every Retrospect Backup lead, and your contact details are included for you to close the deal.

Free Gifts

Protect their privacy and their data with free webcam covers to distribute. Request your first pack today from your sales representative.

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Instant Lead Generation

We built three seamless ways for prospective customers to download a trial and you to get the lead. And you can always ask to have additional leads shared with your account.

1) Retrospect.com Trial Page with Preferred Reseller

Prospective customers have always been able to specify their preferred reseller. Now, you can include your name in the URL, and it's hardcoded into the trial form. You don't even need to use the trial link. If you use the preferred reseller parameter, the value is stored in the prospective customer's browser and used when they do download a trial.



You can add this URL to your email signature or call it out specifically in a personal email to prospects or customers.


2) Retrospect.com Minisite

With our tailored partner minisite, you can easily integrate Retrospect product pages, trials, and support into your own site in minutes with a single line of HTML. We take care of the content, and we send you the trial leads. You can even adjust the font to ensure the minisite fits your site's look. Because we use an iframe, you only need to change your website once, and after that, we'll keep the information up-to-date.


You can adjust the settings with our Minisite Assistant.


3) Customized Retrospect Email Campaigns

Download these customized email marketing campaigns. Each automatically includes your company name, URL, contact phone number, and logo.

Your company name is inserted into any trial URL to ensure those trial downloads are linked to your account. See an example below and visit your partner portal Tools page for the full set of campaigns.



4) Retrospect.com Shared Leads

We get new prospective customers contacting us every day. You can ask for a set to be shared with your partner portal account, after we reach out to the prospect to ensure they agree with the information sharing.

Contact your sales representative for more details.

Free Trial On-Demand

Retrospect Backup is available as a free 30-day trial. Prospective customers do not have to request a consultation from an enterprise sales team or schedule a webinar with a pre-sales engineer. They can download it on the spot and start backing up in a couple minutes.

Watch our video to step through the process. It's only 1 minute and 57 seconds.

Powerful Management Tools

Every trial download generates a lead in our system. Leads coming from the trial page with you as the preferred reseller or from the minisite are automatically shared with your partner portal account under "Pipeline". You'll see the lead's name, contact information, and what their environment is. You can update their status, add notes, assign them to any rep in your organization, and download all of the lead information in bulk as a CSV file for Excel.

Sign into your partner portal account to see the correct URL to use.

Branded Drip Marketing

When a prospective customer downloads a trial, we begin a drip campaign with personal sales touches and product information to get them up and running with Retrospect Backup. When you are listed as the preferred reseller (and you are loaded in our system with logo and contact details), we include your contact information and logo in the campaign. That prospective customer is your lead, and they'll purchase from you.

Sign into your partner portal account to verify your details.

Free Gifts

You can protect your clients' data and their privacy with new webcam stickers from Retrospect. Each set contains six stickers-designed for web cameras on desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets–and are made of white vinyl with no messy adhesive.

Request your first pack today from your sales representative. They're free.