Ransomware is a huge global threat to businesses around the world. Businesses are projected to have paid out $20B in 2022, a 100% Y-o-Y increase for the last four years, and it's only going to get worse with new business models like RaaS: ransomware-as-a-service. With Retrospect Backup, businesses can protect their infrastructure with immutable backups for ransomware protection.

Organizations need to detect ransomware as early as possible to stop the threat and remediate those resources. Anomaly Detection in Retrospect Backup identifies changes in an environment that warrants the attention of IT. Administrators can tailor anomaly detection to their business's specific systems using customizable filtering and thresholds for each of their backup policies, and those anomalies are aggregated on Retrospect Management Console across the entire business's Retrospect Backup instances or a partner's client base with a notification area for responding to those anomalies.

Retrospect Backup detects all of the major ransomware variants using an algorithm that focuses on file metadata anomalies for behavior-based monitoring. According to Coveware, the top variants are always changing, with over 50% changing every quarter. The key to detection is combining technologies such as signature detection in processes with file-based irregularities. Using a multi-pronged defense, with immutable backups, anomaly detection, and other security layers, businesses will know when they're being attacked and will have the tools to remediate it and move on.

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