How to Protect Cloud Assets with Retrospect Backup's Cloud Data Protection

Cloud storage provides a low-cost, scalable, offsite storage location for a multitude of corporate assets. Companies use cloud storage for all sorts of data, from website assets to affordable sharing to unstructured corporate data. And just like on-premise storage, that critical data in the cloud needs to be protected.

You can lose data in a number of ways: accidents, hardware failure, theft, ransomware, or disaster. Cloud storage providers have redundancies built into their infrastructure to protect your data from hardware failure with their multi-zone support, but that won't stop an accidental deletion or, worse, a malicious attacker. You need to protect critical data wherever it is, on-premise and in the cloud.

With cloud data protection in Retrospect Backup, you can back up and restore cloud storage with the same policy-driven workflows that you use for on-premise systems and storage. Retrospect uses incremental-forever backup technology to ensure each backup is as compact as possible while still providing point-in-time restore.

Cloud data protection is included for an unlimited number of cloud volumes in our server-level product line.

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