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Minisite Assistant

With our tailored partner minisite, you can easily integrate Retrospect product pages, trials, and support into your own site in minutes with a single line of HTML. We take care of the content, and we send you the trial leads. You can even adjust the font to ensure the minisite fits your site's look. Because we use an iframe, you only need to change your website once, and after that, we'll keep the information up-to-date.

Just follow these simple instructions.

1. Fill out the following information and click 'Update Preview'.

* Required

2. Copy the following HTML and paste it into your website where you'd like the minisite to appear.
3. Load your website. The minisite will match the preview below.
4. To link to a page within your minisite from your site as your landing page, use the links below and include 'retrospect_minisite'as the target.

Overview<a href='https://www.retrospect.com/uk/partners/minisite_product_overview?partner_name=None' target='retrospect_minisite'>Overview</a>

Windows<a href='https://www.retrospect.com/uk/partners/minisite_win?partner_name=None' target='retrospect_minisite'>Windows</a>

Mac<a href='https://www.retrospect.com/uk/partners/minisite_mac?partner_name=None' target='retrospect_minisite'>Mac</a>

Virtual<a href='https://www.retrospect.com/uk/partners/minisite_virtual?partner_name=None' target='retrospect_minisite'>Virtual</a>

Product Configurator<a href='https://www.retrospect.com/uk/partners/minisite_configure?partner_name=None' target='retrospect_minisite'>Product Configurator</a>

Upgrade<a href='https://www.retrospect.com/uk/partners/minisite_support?partner_name=None' target='retrospect_minisite'>Upgrade</a>

5. To link to a page within your minisite from your site as a deep link, you'll need to add the following Javascript code below the iframe and append the parameter 'retrospect=' with the page you'd like (e.g. www.example.com/backup?retrospect=trial).
<script type='text/javascript' src='https://s3.amazonaws.com/download.retrospect.com/site/assets/minisite.2.0.js'></script>

Here are example URLs for all of the available pages. If these do not work with your site, there is an implementation error with your minisite code.

Trial – https://www.your_domain.com/path_to_minisite?retrospect=trial

Training – https://www.your_domain.com/path_to_minisite?retrospect=training

Windows – https://www.your_domain.com/path_to_minisite?retrospect=win

Mac – https://www.your_domain.com/path_to_minisite?retrospect=mac

Virtual – https://www.your_domain.com/path_to_minisite?retrospect=virtual

Product Configurator – https://www.your_domain.com/path_to_minisite?retrospect=configure

Support – https://www.your_domain.com/path_to_minisite?retrospect=support

Partner Programme – https://www.your_domain.com/path_to_minisite?retrospect=learn

Minisite Preview