How to Set Up Dell RD1000 with Retrospect Backup


Before using the Dell RD1000 drive with Retrospect, you will need to download and install the RD1000 utility. This can be downloaded here:

A restart is required following installation.

Once installed, you will need to run some scripts that will allow the RD1000 drive to properly eject the RD1000 cartridges. Head to the location chosen for the RD1000 utility. The default path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\RD1000\

In this directory you will need to run an executable called SetupEject.exe. Once this finishes, you will need to run one of the following executables depending on your server’s CPU architecture.

32bit: SetupRegKeys32.exe
64bit: SetupRegKeys64.exe

After running these commands you should be ready to use your RD1000 drive with your Retrospect Backup software.

Last Update: 04 October, 2018