Automatic onboarding

Intégration automatique

With Automatic Onboarding on Retrospect Management Console, customers can quickly bring a new site online with Retrospect or enable a new endpoint to add themselves to an existing server backup strategy.

Customers can quickly onboard employees with a tailored backup strategy, either as an endpoint to a current Retrospect engine or as a new Retrospect engine for protecting a new site or additional computers. Retrospect Backup automatically finds and adds new clients, and new Retrospect Backup engines will register with Retrospect Management Console for high-level monitoring and management.

Getting a new employee set up with a backup strategy is crucial for every business. Retrospect supports two simple ways of onboarding: adding a client to an existing Retrospect Engine and adding a new Retrospect Engine. Customers can add their list of licenses to the Management Console, and it will track which are in use and which are available.

Follow our step-by-step guide for Automatic Onboarding.



ProactiveAI 10x plus rapide

Retrospect is now certified for Nexsan E-Series and Unity.


Certification Nexsan

ProactiveAI has been optimized to handle many more sources with different storage profiles. Customers with many endpoints offline at various times will see a 10x performance increase in how fast Retrospect Backup finds the next available computer.

Restore preflight

Rétablir un contrôle préalable

Large-scale data protection—relying on highly-optimized storage configurations like hundreds of tapes or Amazon Glacier— strategies require preflight capabilities to ensure a fast operation, and Retrospect now allows customers to export a preflight summary including backup files and tape information.

You can find the new "Export" button for Restore Preflight below. Clicking "Export" will generate a complete CSV for your backup, including each file, its metadata, and its backup location and filename or tape.

Retrospect for Windows: Backup Sets > Properties

Restore preflight windows


Correctif de bogues

Cette dernière version comprend des correctifs pour de nombreux problèmes. Pour connaître la liste des bogues corrigés dans cette version, consultez les Notes de mises à jour.